Taking on Bali

Friday 14th July, 4.15am, the alarm went off and we almost sprung out of bed from excitement. The taxi was booked for 5am, flight at 9.15am, plenty of time, right? Unless your taxi driver forgot about your booking and doesn't rock up until 6am! Panick. Heads up, don't try book a taxi in advance, apparently... Continue Reading →


My Top 10 NZ Destinations

Top 10 things to see in New Zealand (South Island)  The Blue Pools About 1.5 hours drive from Queenstown, there is a small car park, with a 15 minute walk leading to the blue pools. The first thoughts walking over the swing bridge is WOW, but don't be fooled, the view is even better just... Continue Reading →

New Zealand: Part 2

Part 2 did not start off well, if I can give one piece of advice it is this: do not, under any circumstance, eat a chicken wrap from the airport. After being asleep for about 2 hours I woke up, and proceeded to vomit up my guts for the next 10 hours. Not fun. Tuesday's... Continue Reading →

Personal Pools at Flinders 

Back in summer I went down to the coast to see my friend, we decided to make an adventure to the rock pools at flinders, after getting lost about 3 times we finally found a place to park and walk down to the beach. (For reference, put "the blowhole, flinders" into your navigation) If you're... Continue Reading →

High Winds at Cape Woolamai 

Yesterday we decided to take the hour and a half drive up to the Phillip Island coast in Victoria. After an hour trek over a sandy track we finally reached Pinnacles Lookout. Although the sign deemed it unsafe, we proceeded to climb onto the largest rock to get a better view.  The winds nearly took... Continue Reading →


Welcome to my first blog post! I have many trips coming up and thought what better way to share with people than to start a blog. I have already posted many travelling pics on my Instagram which is linked below, but was looking for a new way to document my travels. At first i had... Continue Reading →

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