Personal Pools at Flinders 

Back in summer I went down to the coast to see my friend, we decided to make an adventure to the rock pools at flinders, after getting lost about 3 times we finally found a place to park and walk down to the beach. (For reference, put “the blowhole, flinders” into your navigation) If you’re as lucky as us you can walk in on an 60’s+ retirement art class and have a sneak peak at their masterpieces 😜 

At the first look we were beyond impressed, the water was crystal clear and deep enough to sit down in. We went to check out further down the beach, where we were completely astonished. They were like our own private pools, heated, accompanied by small fish and little crabs. The rocks were a natural exfoliant on the walk to the pools, which was a positive as I may have messed up my tanning routine the night before 😂 

The further you walk, the better it gets, some pools even being deep enough to jump in off the rocks. If you’re thinking about making a trip down the Victorian peninsula, then this is a MUST see! It’s not well known, guaranteeing you a spectacular view from your private pool. 

– Shaina 



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