Road tripping NZ on 2 hours sleep?! 

Yesterday at 8pm we departed home and set off to Melbourne airport, to catch out 11.40pm flight to Christchurch, New Zealand. As New Zealand is just neighbours to Melbourne the flight was only 3 hours, of which I was able to sleep for about 1.5, only due to the fact that there was a spare seat next to us where I can sprawl myself across all 3 seats, and the bf. We arrived at 5am New Zealand time, stopping to grab a coffee, and my shoe that I left on the plane 🙄, before jumping in a cab to pick up our car. We knew New Zealand would be expensive compared to Australia, but $43 for a cab for 10 minutes!!?? You’ve got to be kidding. Anyway, we got our rental car, a little Honda, and set out to hokitika, after stopping for some groceries of course.

Our first stop was Castle Hill conservation area, about an hour from Christchurch. This location was featured in one of the lord of the rings films, we imagined some sort of battle scene. My second mistake of the day: wearing Nike Rosches. I managed to make it up the rocks without completely falling over, but on the way back down, not once, but twice, I found my self on the ground in the mud. The second time I was caught by the skin on my teeth (or the zipper of my jacket) just centimetres before I would’ve concussed myself on the ground.  I attempted to clean off before jumping back in the car, but the drop toilets and lack of a sink were not helpful at this point. 

Our next stop was Devils Punchbowl in Arthur’s Pass, we proceeded up what felt like 1000 steps (was probably only 100 😳) to find the most amazing view. The fog was sitting at the top of this massive waterfall, creating an effect as though the water was falling from the heavens. We didn’t want to leave. After about 15 minutes of our gobsmacked faces (and our GoPro’s) staring at the waterfall, we proceeded back down. Much to our surprise someone *cough cough* had forgotten to turn the car lights off, to which we were greeted by a dead car battery. Yay. This is not ideal in the town of Bealey, population 2. Our faith was restored when a young man gathered us some jump leads, and we waited until another car pulled up and asked them for a hand. Thankfully it wasn’t too long and the lovely couple were off on their hike, and we were back in our car. 

Our final stop, the long awaited, Hokitika Gorge! We arrived after another 2 hours (we did stop for a coffee on the way, which I definitely did spill all over the table and myself) I was dreading another walk, but this one was short and sweet. After 5 minutes we were greater by a swing bridge, and a gorgeous gorge of turquoise water. Much to Matts disgust, I wanted a pic of me handstanding on the edge (I mean who wouldn’t?!) after pictures and possibly more slipping over, we went and checked into our room, a small, some would say cosy, room at the beachfront park in Hokitika. Soup and timtams to finish the longest day of my life. We are definitely going to sleep well tonight!

– Shaina 


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