Taking on Bali

Friday 14th July, 4.15am, the alarm went off and we almost sprung out of bed from excitement. The taxi was booked for 5am, flight at 9.15am, plenty of time, right? Unless your taxi driver forgot about your booking and doesn’t rock up until 6am! Panick. Heads up, don’t try book a taxi in advance, apparently the drivers only have a one day memory, as he told us we should have only booked the day before. I guess this time it didn’t pay to be organised. Besides a stressful start to the morning we did make our flight! Melbourne to Denpasar.

After a safe 6 hour flight we arrived in Bali, getting of the plane and feeling the heat rush over your face is exactly what I came here for. We got to our villa within half an hour, at first peak everything looked absolutely stunning. We stayed at Gending Kedis Villas in Jimbaran Bay. If you want a relaxing time, drinking cocktails by the pool then this is for you. But if you’re like me and want to explore and shop I would recommend staying somewhere closer to all the commotion, as catching a half hour cab twice a day gets tires very fast! (The private infinity pool was to die for though)

From my experience the stereotype of being an extremely dangerous country is a bit over exaggerated. The locals are the nicest people you will ever meet, they simply cannot do enough for you, anything you ask! If a market didn’t have your size in something they would just get on their bike and bring u exactly what u asked for 5 minutes later. I still wouldn’t eat from a cart off the side of the road, but the country is a lot safer than people make it out to be.

This is the part that killed me, the amount of innocent little puppies left starving on the side of the road is heartbreaking! Trying to resist the urge to pat them was the hardest task of the whole trip. I did get sucked in once to this gorgeous little puppy, sitting at people’s feet at the beach hoping for a nibble of their food. I couldn’t resist these puppy dog eyes😍 

After 7 days of eating, shopping, and drinking cocktails I was about ready to come home. You can only repeat this so many times before boredom sets in. Although, I will miss the daily trips to the spa, with $7 hour massages, and $6 pedicures, could use that right about now! With every last cent spent, it was time to come home. We flew with air Asia to Kuala Lumpar, and then to Melbourne, which was a nightmare. Checking in with air Asia took over an hour, which says to me that maybe they should put more staff on?! Then another hour to clear customs, lucky we arrived 3 hours before our flight of we would have probably missed it. The company is most obviously a budget airline, with no free water on board, or entertainment screens at all. I would not reccommend air Asia to anyone, for a couple more bucks you can get a direct Jetstar flight, inclusive of what Air Asia was lacking! After 20 hours we finally arrived home, which just seemed rediculous to me as it took 6 hours to get there, but thankgod we made it.

Bali you were an amazing experience! See you next year 😏


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